Children’s Ministry


The Children’s Ministry at CCCTO is dedicated to partnering with parents in training and raising up the next generation of Christ-followers. We strive to provide a loving and safe environment where each child can grow in their relationship with Christ. It is our hope to reach today’s kids through relevant biblical truths, singing, crafts and other fun and creative activities.

We offer a variety of programs on Sundays, as well as Awana on Tuesdays and VBS during the summer. If you are interested in serving or would like more information contact Jacy Yu’s email, or call (805) 380-5376.

Check out the Facebook CCCTO Children’s Ministry to find out more!


我們教會兒童事工的重點是與父母合力訓練及提昇下一代耶穌基督的精兵。 我們儘力提供每個兒童一個安全而舒適的環境,讓他們有在這個環境下有機會在靈命上成長。我們也希望孩子們能透過聖經的故事、歌唱、工藝, 及其他趣味和創意活動和我們一同快樂的分享。

Jacy Yu’s email. 或電話 (805) 380-5376。

也請查看臉書 (Facebook): CCCTO 兒童事工 瞭解更多這方面的資訊。

兒童主日學 Sunday School
9:30 AM ~ 10:40 AM
Age 3-5 (pre-school) Room #5
Age 6-12 (Kids church) Room 6 & 7

主日崇拜 Sunday Kid’s Church
11:00 AM – 12:10 PM
Age 6-12  Room 6 & 7

Nursing (Infant to 2.5 yr old): 9:15-12:30 PM

神國童子軍 (AWANA): 每星期二 晚 6:30 –8:00; grades k-6

兒童暑期聖經學校 (VBS): 每年暑假為期一周; grades k-6